CryptoCurrency is yes?

With the bull run having started and halving approaching, and even though you missed out on the accumulation years(late 2022/2023), you can still make money!

Lets start a chat. I will post some things, and even things where you can make money for FREE(kind of)!

First things first, this is NOT financial advise. I mean, it is, but dont blame me for losses :stuck_out_tongue:

Since 2020 ive been trading crypto. Since 2021 ive been spending a fair amount of time doing it. Ive built a network of friends, through discords, many of which work in financial sectors, or are full time traders.

all prices are in USD.

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(im not going to touch on BTC and ETH as those are obvious choices)

SOL: This is currently sitting at $170. Its an amazing coin that is a layer 1(its own blockchain). It is basically identical to ETH, but faster and far cheaper for fees. The meme coin side of crypto has exploded on SOL due to its ease of use and transaction fees of 0.01 or less.

It has a previous All time high of $250. I think it will easily reach this soon, and will top out somewhere between $400 and $1000 this bull run.

It is also the biggest bag I have. Been buying it since it was $18.

RNDR: This is the Render network. Its design is to cloud/crowd source rendering through people “renting” their GPUs to the system. By renting, they pay you in RNDR, but this is not about that.

This is a strong coin. AI and gaming are likely to be the top spaces this year. It is currently sitting at $11.19. Upside potential is $50+. As this is a newer coin, it was not around last bull run, so we dont know how high it can go, but it is strong.

FTM: Fantom. This is another layer1 ETH alternative. Loved in the gaming space. currently $0.93, with an all time high of $3.20. I can see this easily hitting $5-$10 this run, or higher.


INJ: This is a new layer 1 focused on finance. Mark Cuban is an investor. currently $36.16 and I think this has potential for a high end of $400

SEI: Another new layer 1 focused on DEXs. Currently 0.831. I can see $10 around the top.

JTO: This is built on SOL and designed to help SOL. It manages nodes/liquidity pools on SOL to process transactions. When you buy JTO, you are essentially putting your SOL into liquidity pools, managed by JTO and their coin is reflective of not only supply/demand, but fees from LPs.


2 bigger meme coins this year are PEPE and BONK. BONK specifically is basically the DOGE of the SOL blockchain. Not going to make any price prediction as meme coins are wild.

HIDDEN GEM (Higher risk/reward)

SDEX This is SmarDex, a Decentralized Exchange(DEX). DEXs are where you buy coins that arent listed on Centralized Exchanged(CEX), like BInance, CoinBase, RobinHood, etc. A problem that plagues DEXs is impermant loss. On a DEX you can use your own coins to generate income, by adding to a liquidity pool. For example, ETH/SDEX. You add ETH and SDEX to the pool, and as people swap these 2 coins, you earn a percentage of the fees. Impermant loss comes in where the price of ETH and/or SDEX changes while you have it in the pool, and when you take your coins out, they are worth less than when you put them in, so you actually lost money. SmarDex has solved this problem, and even created impermant gain. They actually track this on their website( again UniSwap, the largest DEX.

The coin SDEX is currently $0.02075, and no previous all time high(its at its record high now, roughly), but the guy you put me on to this coin(works for a major crypto investment firm), said he believes this could reach $1.

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Some BTC data regarding the halving. A brief explaination of the halving is that every 4 years, roughly, the rewards for BTC miners cuts in half. Historically, ~18months after the halving, BTC reaches a new all time high. I shared this image in the chat but ill show it here:


The blue vertical lines are the previous, and upcoming halving dates. as you can see, there is a bit of a dip after, then boom.

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FREE(ISH) MONEY 1! (I run this on a few desktops, laptops and an old phone. i just turn it on the desktops/laptops while im not using them. Made ~$200 to date)

There are 2 things you can mine at home that are relatively cost effective and dont require anything more than a PC(or even phone if you are cool enough and have old phones in a drawer)


(This is great if you have access to multiple devices that go unused for periods of time and no smart IT people lol)
TOKEN: PKT price today, PKT to USD live price, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap

What Is PKT Network (PKT)?

PKT Network(PKT) is a decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN) ecosystem supporting open internet access & powering the decentralized web. PKT claims to be the world’s first bandwidth-hard blockchain and a decentralized internet service provider (ISP). PKT leverages the open-source mesh networking protocol called cjdns to optimize traffic routing and offer free VPN. PKT enables network users to share access to the internet and monetize their unused bandwidth.

PKT blockchain is based on Bitcoin’s codebase, but substitutes Bitcoin’s SHA-256 hashing algorithm with PacketCrypt, the first ever bandwidth-hard proof-of-work. PKT blockchain was created to economically incentivize nodes to become PKT network’s internet service providers.

Together with its native mined coin PKT Cash, the project aims to demonopolize the global information space and allow users to access internet data with no restrictions from centralized intermediaries.

Serving as a reward for users who provide bandwidth for other nodes in the network, PKT Cash can be used to get VPN through Anode VPN, PKT’s VPN marketplace, and subsequently to pay internet utility bills through PKT pal, PKT’s bill pay service


This is a CPU based system. The better the CPU, the more you mine. It also requires a decent level of bandwidth, but that shouldnt be a problem with any high speed setup. A high end CPU and slow internet could result in being bottlenecked by the internet speed.

There are a few ways to mine PKT. some more efficient than others, but that efficiency also comes with a complexity of setup.

  1. The PKT World wallet. This has a built in miner. You need this wallet whether or not you are using it to mine.

Download and install this wallet. Create a new wallet. Obviously save your seed phrase, but there is also a wallet passphrase(password) used to unlock the wallet to enable sending the coins to another wallet for sale.

At the top of the wallet is “Mine” and a “Start” option. In the settings you can change the number of CPU threads used.


  1. With a PowerShell script or on linux. (Ill detail how to run in Windows, but if you run Linux and want a script and setup details, just ask.)

This is what I do. The setup isnt difficult, and you have more control and exactly how you mine. This involves downloading packetcrypt.

Windows or Linux setup is similar.


  • Copy this script and save as pkt.ps1. edit the script at the points “<C:\path\to\packetcrypt.exe>”, and

while($true) { & start-process -NoNewWindow -FilePath "<C:\path\to\packetcrypt.exe>" -ArgumentList "ann -p <your wallet address here> -t <Number of CPU threads to use>" sleep 3600 & taskkill /f /im packetcrypt.exe echo "**************************" echo "***** 60min PASSED *****" echo "***** RESTARTING *****" echo "**************************" }

(This is formatted horribly)

A linux script is similar:

#! /bin/bash
while true; do
./path/to/packetcrypt ann -p <wallet_address> -t <cpu_threads>
PID=ps u | awk ' $11 == "./packetcrypt-v0.5.1-linux_amd64" {print $2}'
sleep 3600
kill $PID

(Might be errors above, i typed that by hand)

This script will run as long as you have Powershell/terminal open on your system. You might need to run the powershell command “Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted” first, to allow Powershell to run the script.

The script launches the mining, and every 60min will restart the script. This is because there can be instances where packetcrypt flakes out and needs to be restarted. The URLs in the script are the mining pools.

  • To run the script, open Powershell and open the directory where you saved pkt.ps1. example: cd “c:\pkt”. then run the command: .\pkt.ps1

  • or if you did this on Linux, i dont need to tell you how to run it :wink:

If you want to know how to run this on a phone: 📱 SNcomp for Android, UserLAnd, aarch64 armu package · SiemdeNijs/packetcrypt_rs_SNcomp Wiki · GitHub

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FREE(ISH) MONEY 2! ( I run this on 1 laptop currently as im testing it. Made 4 AIOZ far which is about $0.80 price right now.)

(side note, when i started this, the coin was $0.32, so its moving up nicely)


AIOZ TOKEN: AIOZ Network price today, AIOZ to USD live price, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap


AIOZ Network is a DePIN for Web3 AI, Storage and Streaming.

AIOZ empowers a faster, secure and decentralized future.

Powered by a global network of DePINs, AIOZ rewards you for sharing your computational resources for storing, transcoding, and streaming digital media content and powering decentralized AI computation


This one is pretty easy. Just install the node. This is a system of crowd sourcing storage space. Bigger dependencies on disk space and bandwidth and CPU.

Download and install the node: AIOZ Node: Powered by People

You just have to configure a storage folder and away you go!

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Earlier I mentioned AI and gaming being the hot things this year.

Some other AI coins to consider:

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also, fuck XRP. It goes against everything that crypto is supposed to be, and anyone who tells you it will take over SWIFT and boom to $2000 is dead wrong. I work in the industry and am adjacent to SWIFT(thats all i will say about that), but i can assure you it will NOT take over SWIFT.

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If you have any questions on a specific coin, just ask. I day trade and have been charting for a few years now and I am familiar with most coins.

Also, if you have stocks, crypto related, would be a good time to potentially buy BTC mining stocks, like MARA, CLSK, RIOT, and a bigger gamble of CORZ. CORZ mine more BTC than the others, but did file for bankruptcy last year or 2022. They went public again this Jan.

Another nice option is BITQ, which is a crypto related ETF.

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Snl And Scene GIF by Saturday Night Live

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This joke cost me $7. Tell me you get it :joy:

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Brilliant :joy:

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I put $7 into COCK for that. Oddly paying off :joy:

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Bought a coin SolTV. Actually a solid app

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I like how this one no longer has reactions due to the data loss, and therefore would be deemed quite odd / awkward to a newcomer.

Edit: awkwardness revoked!

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Bobaoppa coin. Not released yet but keep an eye out. See how this baby moves

Well known Korean crypto influencer seems to be behind this coin. Appears to be his son leading it.

Or the kid just made $30mil worth of SOL in presale :joy:

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I’ll keep an eye out

Presale is closed.

There were TONs of scams, which is typically a good sign.

I was also wrong. This is being done by a Taiwanese ex rapper/boy band member, turned crypto enthusiast.

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Bobaoppa is live and looks like a rug lol

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BTC likely to move big this week. Daily chart is squeezing. Whether that move is up or down :person_shrugging:

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