CryptoCurrency is yes?

Take a look at OP. I already have a bag, but since the ETH dencun upgrade OP has the cheapest fees of all ETH Layer2s, and receives a lot of the volume.

It already posted new highs, but has pulled back a bit. Looks primed for a new move up.

This is what I look for in coins. called a 3 tap.

curve 1: makes a low.
curve 2: sweeps previous low
curve 3: retraces back to an area around curve 1.

its a strong indicator of a reversal(aka end of downtrend)

My post yesterday in discord:



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Also loving ONDO and RIO, which are part of the Real World Asset(RWA) scene in crypto. I think they will make big waves this bull run.

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Down. BTC went down. consensus is that 59k is the lowest it will go. just more buying opportunity.

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OMG!! Ore

You can mine this coin and it doesnt seem PC spec driven at all.

I have this running on 2 boxes now, and made $1 in the last 2 hours roughly. took time to set up the second box so 0.50/hr isnt accurate, but man its good.

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im about 15 hours into mining this coin. $6.71 so far.

What’s that vs the electric cost?

Getting a bit edgy about my solana stock at the moment too - any positivity in the near future?

Everyone still expects SOL to at minimum hit $250 USD. SO far its been the main coin for memes and other projects. The cheapest coin now for transfers.

If we look back and last cycles top coin/chain for memes, due to cheap fees(which is basically considered expensive now), we look at BNB/BSC.

During the last bull run was a 10000%+ gain.

Now, SOL for sure wont do 10000%, but thats the power of being the “it” coin/chain.

I still havent sold a single SOL and im up 500%.

What’s that vs the electric cost?

Its not really performing much by way of calculations. I am running it in a Ubuntu VM and VirtualBox is only using 2.9% of CPU. The cost appears to be no different than generally using a PC.

There is a cost associated with SOL transaction fees. For that $6.71, it cost me $1.50 in SOL.

You could spend $1000 on a good GPU and only pull in 0.50/day using it to mine.

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Just remember, SOL is now what ETH was last run. the new faster/better/stronger kid on the block that was already established. even ETH got hacked and had downtime issue then.

Before last cycle, there was BTC and ETH. Last cycle numerous Layer 1s came on the market, including SOL. SOL has beaten them all. ALGO sucks, ADA sucks, XRP sucks, etc, etc, etc

One that will do well this year is Base. Its a Layer 2 on ETH, created by Coinbase. There is no native coin, but Coinbase brings in millions in revenue on fees. Such a smart move by them.

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price on ORE is dropping, so id hold off on mining. Still make money, but quickly going to levels where it wouldnt be profitable.

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Follow this guy. He is posting again.

Incredibly smart at predicting the market. He has made 10s of millions.

One example:

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This dip is a gift for buying. I am buying FTM, RNDR, SOL weekly. Dont expect a boom on Apr 19/20 at the halving. Summers are typically stale for action and fall is where things typically move up.

BLUE: April - Sept
GREEN: Sept - Feb

expect chop until Sept. Accumulation time!

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ORE is back up to $284. profitability restored!

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well, tits.

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Fits in a few topics here…

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BTC halving complete.

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