Who won?

After two full decades, who won?

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The arms manufacturers.

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We should have killed more people, quicker before calmly walking for the door. I hope the next president that takes us into a war like this learns from this one HOW NOT TO FIGHT A WAR!

Nation building, Being civil, Being Humane, Protecting the civilians… Are all great things to do before or after a conflict but once all rules of law and civility break down to the point of UN-leasing a military force, Our fighters job should be to win it FAST, Overwhelmingly and brutal enough that NO one wants to go toe to with us for another 100 years.

Last I think we should have waited until the looters entered the base and then carpet bombed the base and the 10 surrounding miles into oblivian!

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Totally agree, though in it’s self that should raise the bar significantly for going to war in the first place.

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