What is up with the vax zombies?

Last night, a friend posted on FB that she loves her friends, but asked them to stop asking if she had her vaccine shot yet, and when she says no, they instantly go into “help get you your shot” mode.

“Have you had your shot?”
“You should get your shot.”
“I can help you get you shot.”
“This kool-aid looks good. Is it for everyone?”

All vaccines don’t stop you from getting covid, nor so they stop you from spreading it, so why is there a big push by people to get others to get it done?

Me not having the shot apparently only affects me. There is no herd immunity. What’s the deal?

Are people super desperate to get back to normalcy that they will do what it takes?
Was this a test to see how robotic people are?
Was this a test to see how many freedoms can be taken away before mass anger?
Just a cash grab for big pharma so we have to get a flu and covid shot every season?

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I don’t really care enough either way if someone has or hasn’t been vaccinated, certainly not enough to try and persuade them or put them off. This unfortunately apparently lands me in the ‘anti-vaccination’ crowd…though i’m not sure why.

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I’m in the same crowd. All my kids are fully vaccinated but I’m an antivaxxer. I’m just in no rush to get it. You never adopt 1.0

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Yup know what you’re dealing with before you have to deal with it.

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Authoritarian leftists have been getting off on this, this is why they are so pissed off mandates and pointless lockdowns are getting lifted, they haven’t instituted all their anti freedom policies

This is all about control and nothing else, even the president has gone full authoritarian, or at least the people pulling the strings, not sure Biden knows what day of the week it is

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