U.S. city ‘fooled’ by Nithyananda’s Kailasa

U.S. city ‘fooled’ by Nithyananda’s Kailasa; Newark scraps agreement with ‘fictional country’

It’s a textbook case of an overseas scam - except the victim was an American city - my home town, that I somewhat proudly served as a police officer in. For a VERY short time a very long time ago…

Officials in Newark, New Jersey, were initially thrilled to partner with the Hindu nation of the United States of Kailasa. The only problem?

The country doesn’t exist.

After hosting “delegates” from the made-up country at a formal ceremony in January, City Hall has admitted that the whole thing was a scam led by notorious Indian fugitive Swami Nithyananda. Newark officials said the agreement only lasted for six days and was rendered “baseless and void,” adding that no money was exchanged in the ceremony.

Click on this picture to see a YouTube report on this.

This is hilarious - so much so that it’s made the news all over the world! Here’s a prime example from India:

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