Tech Monopolies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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There are also alternatives to Whatsapp and FB :rofl:

There are, it’s just getting everyone you know to also install the same apps. I use the telephone, everyone I know has a telephone. :rofl:

There are also Amazon alternatives, its just getting everyone you know to change their buying habits.

I don’t think there is an alt Amazon, where else can you see every version of one product by 20 different manufacturers, pick one, then have it delivered the following day for free without any added cost?

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Maybe not the same but Wallmart, Target, Costco…
And the same argument can be said on Alphabet btw

We don’t have the pleasure of Wallmart etc. in the UK. :rofl:

IMHO only America has the power to break down these monopolies, and that WILL happen only when they wake up. They did this before they will do this now. …At least I hope so. The rest of the world is just dragging around and reacting to what the big lads are crafting.