So... Florida

Well, I went down expecting mask-free anarchy and shopping where I could see people’s faces, after all it’s the rebel state Biden is calling neanderthal.

Being from Massachusetts, a very strict state with very high infection and death rates, I was very surprised. Sure I strutted into a grocery store maskless… and was the only one. No one came over to yell, no one shamed me… I sent my daughter out to get my mask and shopped. The surprise was finding a vaccination station in the store pharmacy, with socially distances chairs for people to wait in.

Oh, and there are drive through COVID tests, no appointment (in MA you need an appointment) with 15 minute results, much, much sooner than MA results.

Say what you will about Florida, but I felt safer down there than I have in MA.

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Where did you go? And yes, we are fairly normal.

Disney World.

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