RK 5000 bucket chain excavator - timelapse

RK 5000.0/R10 bucket chain excavator leaving the CSA lignite strip mine to a parking site above the mine after mining has ceased

100x to 300x time-lapse Jan/Feb 2017, Komořany (Ervěnice) - Czech Republic

Technical parameters:

  • weight: 5600 t
  • length 160 m, height 40 m
  • max. power consumption: 9000 kW
  • max. output: 4450 m3 of overburden per hour
  • hydraulic movement system with 15,000 litres of oil
  • six operators
  • made in the ČSSR in 1983
  • 3 general overhauls as of 2016
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The one I came close to back in Serbia while I was studying was about 3200t in weight and had a continuous track for moving. It moved slower than a snail, but you get dizzy and uneven because it feels like a five storey building is moving towards you.

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I’d love to see one up close, gloriously over engineered.

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That could have been such a good movie, shame the SJW’s got to it.

It was a good movie imho, brilliant idea and awesomely executed.

shame the SJW’s got to it.

What happened there?

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