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If you truly had the moral high ground, would you need to prevent your opponents from speaking?

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I guess it depends on who your opponents are. Would you allow terrorists?

Twitter does, Facebook does, Google does, Instagram does, EU human rights do, ‘the Left’ do do etc. etc…if you don’t you’re racist.

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I can grab a few ISIS accounts off Twitter now if you want?


Opression obsession all over again. He lost, get over it. Google, FB, Twitter are all private companies and can suspend users they don’t like, similar to what you did back on teoti.com.

As for him, he can start his own website Trump.com or whatever, or go to breitbart, zero hedge, Alex Jones… Or, you know, get a news conference in that room just down the hallway where he works.

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You have read an awful lot into this quote, it’s directed at everyone, on every platform.

I banned two people over personal attacks, I also had a number of unhappy members pm’ing me, also, I unbanned both of them a day later…not quite the same thing. :download_1_:

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I do however ban one hell of a lot of Spammers probably by far the greatest oppressed group of people ever to set foot in teoti…I can be a real cunt I guess. :download_1_:

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Is there a place in the constitution that says “you have the right to force people to listen to your stupid shit”?

We all agreed to follow the social media rules (including TEOTI), even if those rules change at a moments notice. “We the people” do not own those companies. Even if we give them our data or if we buy thier stock we still have limited to negative say in day to day business decisions. So it really doesn’t matter what they decide to do or decide what not to do their hypocrisy is there burden to bare, if “We the People” dont like it we can just stop using their platform.

Me personally these platforms do not ban enough fast enough for my liking.

No one is forcing you to do anything, if you’re reading something that tugs on the old emotions or hurts your feelings, I’d suggest not reading it.

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My grammer sucks :slight_smile: and blew the meaning I was intending :frowning:

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I take nothing personally :wink:

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Who cares about what the US constitution says? (insert xkcd copypasta)
EULA’s have always been designed to be confusing bullshit that could never be enforced in a court of law.
Hypocritical bullshit on platforms that are specifically designed to radicalise for “engagement” is what’s being called out. People have every right to call it out.
Social media caused this divisiveness. Social media is a cancer.

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