Port of Dover is running smoothly

As co-conspirator Deirdre Walsh tweeted this morning “Sky News lamenting the fact that the Port of Dover is running smoothly and there are no queues of Lorries, they are so disappointed, it’s actually really cringe worthy they are so forlorn.” Initial reports from Dover and Calais show trucks and zero tariff trade flowing smoothly. Could it be that people involved in the multi-billion export – import trade can manage to arrange to ping an electronic customs form to customs with a bill of goods for what they are transporting? Maybe people aren’t as stupid as remainers thought?

Grant Shapps tweets this morning the good news that the EU will accept UK driver’s licences as valid without the need for any additional permits. The first bit of remainer scaremongering to be disproved in 2021…

UPDATE: This is the scene just in from the border control point at Dover this morning:

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Prediction: soon they will start claiming that the many things that they predicted would be a Brexit disaster, that are not happening, is only because of the wisdom and generosity of the EU.


Referendum results ignored by EU:

Denmark 1992
Ireland 2001
Netherlands 2005
France 2005
Ireland 2008
Iceland 2010, 2011
Greece 2015

Referendums delivered:

UK 2016.

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No traffic jams at the Eurotunnel

Great Britain is no longer a member of the EU internal market - contrary to what was feared, the first deliveries of goods came across the English Channel without any problems. Only in one Welsh port were some papers missing.


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All aboard for mu mu land!

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