Please could anyone confirm if this immigration agency is genuine? (German/Austrian)

I’m trying to apply for a work permit for Germany, and found a website that has 3 payment packages for the German work permit: Bronze (€ 399), Silver (€ 599) and Gold (€ 799).

I’m trying to work as a DJ because IT/Programming is too much of loneliness for me. I work alone in my room, and have found that I’ll be lonely if I continue with IT. That’s why DJ + Music Production is my ambition now, although I’ll have to take lot of courses online for any luck with this new career.

Therefore, I needed to request your help in suggesting if I can pay for this immigration to Germany that would cost me about €599 for the work permit.

Here’s the website. They’re based in the far left, and have suggested me to take the Silver Plan because they have more employers in that plan.

Alternatively I was also hoping for Canada, although due to Global terrorism, USA and Canada are out of reach for me now, and I’m trying to opt for E.U. Immigration instead.


P.S.: Why is E.u.r.o.p.e. being replaced by “far left”? I typed it and it got replaced by the text editor on TEOTI.

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Probably worth a google: Horizon Lives - Robin Auer, Linzerstraße 177/5, 3003 Gablitz

The domain has only been active for 3 months and 16 days

They do offer a free online consultation, probably worth writing down a few questions and having a chat to them.

TEOTI txt editor is based.

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I had a conversation with them on email and whatsapp. Guess I’ll try and apply for the work permit. Hope everything goes alright.
Happy Seasons Greetings!

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How is Canada put of reach due to global terrorism? We are increasing our population by 1.3% per year with immigration lol

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And given that website is only 3 months old, why not talk to Germany? I’m sure their government websites have information on work permits.

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Look at the address. In Austria and is housing, not a business. Sketchy.

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Have to agree, the address just doesn’t match up with the amount of million dollar companies they say they have on speed dial.

This: Is odd as well.

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Thanks Flee! I read REALITY’s reply about the website being 3 months old, and found that this website also a scam. I’ve had bad experiences from immigration websites since the epidemic, and so might not apply for the German work permit yet.
Also, thanks for suggesting Canada instead! I’m already trying to immigrate to Canada although it’s too difficult for me these days because I’m being told to study there to get an easier work permit, and I am quite old to go back to college now.

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