New Primitive Technology video

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Turn on subtitles.

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Need to watch more.of this guy.

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Good stuff, the internet’s been lacking with out his vids.

I don’t see how modern tools would make building this much easier, pretty cool.


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Hiring a helicopter to get it there may be an issue :wink:

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Hi all!

Here’s another update for everyone. I talked with John. Good news, everyone. :slight_smile:

Hang in there, John’s working on new material. It just takes more time than anticipated due to various circumstances. Luckily he’s somewhat isolated from the virus. He shot a pilot for a major TV network and it looked good, but the network wanted to change the format. The producer is seeking other avenues now. That’s as much as John can share right now.

John continues to work on Primitive Technology as a hobby and he is still recording new material. But he doesn’t want to put out sub-par videos. Videos are still coming to YouTube, but only if it’s the usual quality material.

Something nice, by the way: John is happy to see people on Reddit are pursuing their own Primitive projects in their back yards, like cross draft kilns. He thanks us for our concern and is hard at work.


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