Memory LOL

This project is a tiny web service that provides historical information about social media accounts.

It can currently be used to look up 542 million historical screen names for 443 million Twitter accounts. Most of this data has been scraped from either the Twitter Stream Grab or the Wayback Machine (both published by the Internet Archive).

Coverage should be fairly good (for non-protected accounts) going back to 2011, which is when the Twitter Stream Grab was launched.

Please note that this software is not “open source”, but the source is available for use and modification by individuals, non-profit organizations, and worker-owned businesses (see the license section below for details).

This software is published under the Anti-Capitalist Software License (v. 1.4).


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It seems to work fine for the anti-fash as well :laughing:

Another from him


Glanced at that “license” it’s worse than your average “capitalist” open source license
This is what happens when smart people are corrupted by Marxist/Socialist lies

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