Lemme tell you about Freetube real quick

With Youtube trying to block adblockers (lol) my annoyance with their greed and overreach finally reached it’s limit and I took to google looking for alternatives.

Turns out, don’t need one!

This free, open-source app offers you an ad-free youtube experience.

“But these ads support my favorite content creators!”

Use the money you’d otherwise be pissing away into the black-hole of indifference that is youtube premium to donate to your favorite creator, or buy some of their merch – Youtube takes a cut on ads and paid subscriptions. This way more or less ALL of your money goes to support your favorite creator.

You win. The content creator wins. Everybody’s happy! Except Youtube anyways, fuck em’.

The only real hiccup is getting all your subscriptions back. Easy enough to do manually, just go to the site and cross-reference it to re-subscribe to all your favorite content creators!

Though if you have more than maybe a dozen channels you’re subscribed to (100+), this might not be feasible. It’s just too much work! Maybe paying for a monthly subscription isn’t too high a price to pay?

PFFFFFFFFFFFT, nah. Fuck that. Freetube’s got your back homie.

Granted, it involves requesting your data from Youtube, which can take hours to days. But that’s a small price to pay in exchange for the wonders it’s going to do for your blood pressure to have ad-free youtube.

Anyway, uh, yep, how to finish this out?

Youtube and Google can gargle fetid garbage disposal refuse. Peace out.


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I used this for a while, Freetube is perfect, except it can’t replicate Googles Homepage algorithm which is a bit of a deal breaker.

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True, also cant play very high resolution videos. But I just started using it and its awesome!!

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On the android side I’ve been using grayjay, which is pretty good.

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I installed this the day I posted it, I’m not sure I ever opened it though.

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Yeah, homepage algorithm is a deal breaker, I agree.

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Yeah deleting history then repopulating the home page is a pretty good way of finding stuff.

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