Keffals: A Case Study on Internet Terrorism and Mass Media Manipulation

Keffals : A Case Study on Internet Terrorism and Mass Media Manipulation

For the last six years, progressives and conservatives have waged vicious war with one another across cyberspace. With cultural, political, and advertiser pressure bearing down on these social media platforms, conservatives have slowly found themselves on the losing end of the digital battlefield in the ongoing culture war. As their role flips from oppressee to oppressor , progressives have sometimes found themselves embracing many of the same styles of aggression conservatives once engaged in.

This is going to be a cataloging of the past year, a demonstration of what happens when communities fail to hold their own members responsible, and what comes of the belief that “there are no bad tactics, only bad targets.” This is going to be a careful documentation of lies, scams, threats, bullying, doxxing, and an utter lack of accountability.

Over the years, I have worried about the types of tactics endorsed by progressive communities. The uncomfortable distorting of narratives, the grotesque shape-shifting of facts, and the general inability to hold themselves to a decent standard of behavioral conduct. I’ve been worried that the right combination of identity politics combined with a holy mandate from members of the media may empower deplorable actors to become the new representatives of our movements, with no one left to put the brakes on their treachery.

The prevailing narrative circling Kiwi Farms and Keffals is wrong. It is not the story of a downtrodden trans-activist supported by righteous members of the media battling against an evil empire of militant Nazis and transphobes. Rather, it is the tale of an internet bully given far too much power on a mission to seek fame and fortune by building a career through vicious conflict, borne out of lies and disinformation. We have allowed ourselves to gaze into the abyss for far too long, and Keffals is the result.

In this exposition I am looking to upend the prevailing media narrative through establishing a clear record of truth with regard to these key points:

  • Keffals’ initial rise to fame was through internet bullying and lies, not through righteous activism.
  • There is not enough evidence to support the claim that Kiwi Farms has bullied anyone to suicide.
  • Kiwi Farms was likely not the main culprit behind most of Keffals’ harassment.
  • Keffals grossly misrepresented the events justifying her GoFundMe .
  • The DIY HRT Directory , which had Keffals’ full social and monetary support, engages in grossly irresponsible behavior with minors.

I | The Ascension of Clara Sorrenti

II | Kiwi Farms

III | Who are the Doxxers?

IV | The Swattings

V | The GoFundMe Heist

VI | Bathtub Hormones & Spy Games

VII | “Keffals ” - A Character Analysis

VIII | Call to Action