Insulate Britain accidentally admits “PR disaster” of home insulation hypocrisy

A senior Insulate Britain activist has just accidentally revealed that the failure to insulate their own ringleader’s home before gluing themselves to the road has been a “ PR disaster ” that she “ wouldn’t admit […] publicly “, and that they’re still far short of raising enough cash to fix it. Writing on a public Twitter thread this morning, Phillipa Windsor offered some refreshing candour on the whole fiasco:

If Insulate Britain’s media team could explain to Phillipa how Twitter DMs work they can avoid embarrassment in the future…

It’s really not been a good day for Insulate Britain’s PR machine. The group’s leader Liam Norton also had a few choice words about his self-created “ PR disaster “, admitting in an interview with talkRADIO that he’s a “ hypocrite” for failing to insulate his house, and even claiming he “ doesn’t really care ” about the cause in the first place.

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