I asked Bill Gates what's next crisis

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If you help create the thing you predict it doesn’t count.

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Every dystopian fantasy requires fear and pain to take control to seem believable. Huxley, Orwell, Moore, whoever did 12 Monkeys all used a viral outbreak as a reason for major social change in to dystopia. This virus is NOT a pandemic. The fatality rate isn’t high enough (look at the bubonic plague or small pox for what a pandemic causes in death rates) to qualify as a pandemic. Trump said the ‘impossible’ was going to happen, lost the election and before the end of the year (as he said) there were vaccines. Then the scandal in January was that Trump didn’t have enough (like he had any control) so Biden can become the savior as he ‘fixes’ the problems with Trump’s distribution of a vaccine that Biden and the rest of the left said would take five years to make.

Perhaps we should have let Hillary to won, the fate seems as if it was always going to be forced upon us but perhaps we would be happier as ignorant sheep walking to the slaughter.

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It sure eas hell does if you pull it out. #justsayin

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I predict I will write this comment with 8 I’s


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