How to deprogram a Trump supporter

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OMG, the first ten seconds in… SO MUCH LIES! Trump was still in the middle of his speech when the Capitol was ‘invaded’ (there is video of Capitol police letting people in, and those let in walking along roped off walkways). Radical Leftists were at all the most tragic scenes, from the unarmed woman shot by Capitol police, to the cop stuck in the doorway, to the assault by the cop. In some videos there are breaking windows, in others there are elderly ladies waving flags. All are treated the same.

As far as the Trump ‘cult’… I have never talked to so many ‘cult followers’ who had significant issues with what the leader was saying. Every Trump supporter (other than LV, who was a New Yorker) hated the way he spoke, Some here who are conservative still do. It took me a couple of years to look beyond what he said to see what he did. THAT IS NOT A CULT. Honestly, every part of the ‘cult list’ applies to Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, McConell, and all kind of swamp dwellers.

I love how he is in Boston…

I also like how they don’t dox BLM rioters…

Honestly, this guy really needs to have a big black cock to own him for a while. His claim/lies about Nixon is absurd. Absolutely absurd. This guy is an absolute simp, a lier and an opportunist.

This whole segment is as pro-fashism as I’ve ever though I’d see in America. This noodle-boy is looking for power in the new establishment and kinda resembles Heinrich Himmler

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Добро пожаловать в матушку Aмерику…боюсь.