Grandmother who bought £350,000 dream home, nine feet from busy 70mph road, complains

Grandmother, 58, who bought £350,000 dream home just nine feet from busy 70mph A-road complains about the noise: New homeowner wants 40mph speed limit because lorries ‘shake her house and boy-racers force her to wear earplugs to bed’

  • Jackie McCormack, 58, and her husband moved into detached home in Coleshill near Birmingham in February
  • The house borders the A466 Lichfield Road where the speed limit is 70mph but boy racers reach 100mph
  • Thundering of vehicles can be heard between 5.30am and 8.30pm weekdays as juggernauts regularly pass
  • The grandmother is calling for the council to install crash barriers and reduce the speed limit along the road

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Not much of a dream house if there is a highway right beside it and she doesn’t like that.

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