Follow up on DNA contamination of COVID-19 injectable products

It’s worse than originally thought based on new results…

My friend Kevin McKernan has done an incredible amount of work that has allowed the discovery of contamination in the form of dsDNA in both the Pfizer and Moderna products. You can read about that here and here. But it turns out following further and more in-depth inquiries, that it’s worse than originally thought. Please refer to Anandamide’s most recent Substack piece entitled: “Pfizer and Moderna bivalent vaccines contain 20-35% expression vector and are transformation competent in E.coli”.

Take Home Message: The left-over expression vectors used to manufacture the mRNAs are at contamination levels 100-fold higher than originally proposed and imply trillions of DNA molecules per dose. This has implications for integration into our genome.

Implications for integration into our genome?