Distributed Christmas

Distributed Christmas

This years christmas will look different than ever before. We have to stay at home and try to distance from our loved ones. Lets do our best and try to celebrate this years christmas distributed and digital. This is a list containing online tools and ideas how to keep christmas as normal as possible, digitally.

Video Conferencing

Tools to stay in touch with your family

:magic_wand: Icons and Designs

Make the design of your christmas party

Online Board Games

Play games on christmas with your family

  • Bingo - Christmas Version of Bingo
  • Cardgames - List of online card games
  • Quiz - Christmas Quizzes

Photo Sharing Solutions

Share some memories with your family

Playlists and everything music related

Get everyone in the cristmas mood with some music

Video and Movies

Videos and movies to watch with your family on christmas eve

:baby:t2: For the kids

Ideas for the kids


Ideas for program points

What you could do with you family members in the call


Everything that is not in a category and could be useful

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