Crypto Mining

Anyone Mining Crypto?

Started exploring the world of Cryptocurrency Mining. I feel like I am heading in the right direction and I have a low risk plan but still have some questions to get answers to before throwing $1000 into equipment.

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Do heavy research on return. You can’t mine solo as you’ll get nothing, so join a pool.

That said, research staking with proof of stake coins, like ADA. $1000 would be better spent just buying a coin you can stake.

I am staking:
CRO(crypto .coms own coin) for 14.7% return.
Ethereum for 4.5%
VeChain which returns VeTHO coins. Not sure of the return yet.

I am working on staking BNB(although Binance is in hot water with a few countries) for 23% return.

I am also planning to stake ADA soon.

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Quick update:
Took up your staking suggestion (still very low level) but adding to it regularly and it is growing nicely.
Coinbase earn and learn plus $5 Bitcoin sign up bonus is about $40 free money.
Not a fan of Binance yet. But not ditching it yet.
Looking at BlockFI as well.

FINALLY after great effort, stumbled across a you tuber called BitsBeTrippen and got a walk through in setting up Simple mining software on a USB. And it actually works! Been mining Raven Coin with a single RX5700XT Red Devil GPU I picked up off Ebay on a US 2miner Pool. After a week of dialing it in and only running it a few hours a day I just crossed $10 profit.

I am going to water cool it and the GPU so I don’t have to listen to 80% fan speed 24/7 then work on expanding it to a 14 Board rig.

I also ordered a Hot Spot miner from Bobcat but it comes with a long delivery time (12 weeks). Purley a roll of the dice on that one.

Now I need to find a ASIC I can afford to get my hands on. As an Electronic Tech that has been around Engineering I am super curious to tear one apart and see whats up-gradable :slight_smile:

LAST thing, I found a browser called Brave. They reward BAT coin for advertising clicks or something like that (still need a bit more research) Going to set up a PI on a secure network with an alias and click away like mad on anything and everything. At the end of the day wipe away the nasties with a fresh install. To bad I wasn’t an A.I. Coding master, I would put the A.I. to work watching adverts 24/7.

By my calculations every dollar earned is a potential revenue stream. Trick is going to be to get that stream big enough fast enough to be life changing. HUGE REGRET in not getting into this years ago :frowning:

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I have been using Brave for a while. its ads per hour, not clicks, so dont waste your time on a bot.

Also check out search engine that pays crypto.(Ask R about his bot tests)

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agreed. back in 2015 or so, a coworker started mining. wish i started then. He has since scaled way back and only mines on his gaming rig, but he makes $10/day.

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Quick update:
SDG&E has jacked my electric rates up over .35 cents a KW, at the same time crypto prices dropped. So I have been forced to shut it down.

If I had solar, If I had more than 10 GPU’s it would still be profitable even at the lower prices but instead it doesnt even work out to be a discount on the coin :frowning:

Thanks CA you suck dick!

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Check out

I picked up an Awair Element air sensor and hooked it up to planetwatch. I make 23.04 PLANET per day. ($4-$5)

I also have 2 helium hotspots now. One is bad and I need to wait for spring but I make $4-$8/day on those. Will break $10 when I fully set up the second one.

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Keep in mind, while you may “lose” money now,when crypto goes back up, it will make up the losses.

You have limited time before ETH2 makes mining almost useless for small operations.

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If anyone interested in winning a helium miner. You can always just resell it easily for $700USD

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CPU mining/bandwidth sharing. I make $1/day off 2 laptops and an old desktop.

Still very early

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