Covid Performance Index


What impact have geography, political systems, population size, and economic development had on COVID-19 outcomes around the world?



Coronavirus continues to spread worldwide with more than 120 million confirmed cases across 190 countries and two million deaths as of mid-March 2021. For nearly a year, governments and societies have been turned inwards to fight an invisible enemy, exposing competing structures, vulnerabilities, and political priorities. The pandemic has also given rise to an ‘infodemic’ of narratives and counter-narratives about what kinds of states are inherently better suited to combatting the virus.

This Interactive explores how more than 100 countries with publicly available and comparable data on the virus have managed the pandemic in the 43 weeks following their hundredth confirmed case of COVID-19, using data available to 13 March 2021. Countries have been sorted into broad categories — by regions, political systems, population size, and economic development — to determine whether significant variations exist between different types of states in the handling of the pandemic.