China lands its Zhurong rover on Mars

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I find it strange that it doesn’t seem that they learn from Opportunity and Spirits failures. Wheels are small, Body is low to the ground, Solar panels do not have a brush to clean the dust off, looks heavy…

They maybe able to fold the panels to knock off some dust or get a better sun angle, but I don’t see that capability in the pics.

Oh well, hope if finds interesting things and they share the data (eventually) or at a minimum stay out of the way of real science.

I see something interesting on the attached articles map showing all the landings (successful ones that is). Big blank spot near 3 of the most interesting places on mars. Cydonia, Olympus Mons and the Valles Marineris. Really hoping some day soon we put multiple rovers in those 3 areas.

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Well they likely stole the designs, and even then it takes time to build, so they went with what they had

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