Building an artificial sun

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I wonder if it can trick plants to photosynthesis?

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some day I want to do this:

I am apparently NOT Captain Obvious.
I see Text editing options, Hyper link, Quote, preformatted text, upload, gif…
How do you insert a video or YouTube link and have it not just be a hyperlink?

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Just paste the Youtube URL (or anything) in, teoti does the rest no formatting required :wink:

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I don’t see why not, same principle?

Well I dunno, heat and all the other specter of EM radiation might be missing?

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oh you mean the bright thing in the sky :zipper_mouth_face:

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You could add LED lights that have different wavelengths to the projection. The various lights may not be seen by our eyes but the plants will get it.

Speaking of using other lights, For the Ceiling Light video I posted above: This design could definitely include lights for plants to make an indoor green house. With the right safety steps you could even Including IR.

I would also mod his design a bit:
Instead of strips of just white light, I would include strips of RGB lights as well.
Instead of strips full length of room I would have them broken up into smaller strips to allow more control over the light through out the room.
By adding a dimmer to each light string allows for fine tuning the light through out the room.
Now you can go from bright white to cool low blue or blood red. Focused white bright where you need it with mood light through out the rest. Or sink it to your favorite song.

Now I am depressed that I live in an apartment :frowning:

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