BBC Sound Effects – create your own soundscape

The BBC Sound Effects Archive is available for personal, educational or research purposes. There are over 33,000 clips from across the world from the past 100 years. These include clips made by the BBC Radiophonic workshop, recordings from the Blitz in London, special effects made for BBC TV and Radio productions, as well as 15,000 recordings from the Natural History Unit archive. You can explore sounds from every continent - from the college bells ringing in Oxford to a Patagonian waterfall - or listen to a submarine klaxon or the sound of a 1969 Ford Cortina door slamming shut.

As well as browsing and searching through this treasure trove of sounds, you can also make and share your own mixes and soundscapes using the β€˜mixer mode’ function. Use the mixer to layer, edit and re-order clips from the archive to create your own sounds.


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