Alice in Chains MoPOP (lots of covers)

This is probably a bit niche but Alice in Chains are probably my favourite band of all time. Recently, they were honoured with a Seattle’s MoPOP fundraiser with an evening with the surviving band members and bunch of celebrity covers, some of which I thought were pretty bloody good. (Some I didn’t really enjoy but there you go!)

The full event is here:
MoPOP Founders Award 2020 Honoring Alice In Chains

but there are also individual videos up on their YT channel, too.

I found the Mark Lanegan’s version of Nutshell particularly moving. I think seeing Layne Staley and Mike Starr looking young, healthy and full of beans in the background video didn’t help. Lanegan was good friends with them all and you can almost taste the opium fumes and feel the sense of loss. I’m getting old.

Anyway, just a post for any AiC fans wanting to see some good versions of some classic songs.

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Under orders to tackle the under stairs cupboard today, this’ll help greatly! Cheers wombat!

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