4 days

4 days of non stop playing with water… 1 more night to go and it should be skate worthy… A neighbor has been helping me flood and clean up the ice as he has grandkids that will want to skate. Rink it roughly 60ft x 80ft

Jan 4:

Jan 8:

I have to go pick up parts today for a homemade zamboni …

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Break a leg. :9320_penguin_breakdance:

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Remember to have your neighbors sign a release that they skate at their own peril and do not hold you responsible for any injuries.


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I have seriously considered that, @elsels

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Awesome, that’s coming along nicely! It makes me want to get some ice skates. I don’t think I’ve owned any for at least a decade. So many fond memories of it though…
We had some nice ponds and small lakes where we would shovel and broom, then use someone’s boots as goal posts. Bonfires and hot blackcurrant squash (?) on the bank. I really remember that feeling the day after ice skating for the first time of the season, all those sore muscles in weird places :smiley:

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I work with a lot of Dutch people, and ice skating on the canals there sounds amazing as well…

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Used to do the exact same thing. I am new to rink building. I bought skates 2 years ago as there was a rink in a park that my niece wanted to skate on. Before that it was at least a decade. You don’t forget though!

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I am kinda serious. Liability would really put you under in a bad fall.

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It got warm, then it snowed ~1ft(which was effing heavy and i dont own a snowblower yet, so all by hand), now its cold gain, so weeee, back to fixing the ice.

Took the better part of Saturday to clear the snow, and my biceps, ankles, and back are still sore. I calculated 0.11 acres shoveled.

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