What happens when your creation grows beyond your control?

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Boogaloo boys made a speech yesterday suggesting uniting the far-left and right groups to become one single protest group. This will be a direct creation of the Democrats behaviour in 2020.

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Its fun when you aid a group, then that group grows beyond your control and attacks you. The only difference today is that they actually did this on their own soil. fools.

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The thing is they aided the group(s) to win an election, then dumped them.

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Thats typically what they do. There are so many historical instances of this. How they dont see it coming is mind boggling. Experience should have told them that doing this in home soil is a terrible idea.

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The thing is they can’t been seen to take a step back, that’s what all the crap was over the past 4 years. They are unable to admit they have done anything wrong, so they double down every time.

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This is exactly where and why I supported Trump over the left.

Trump is a complete ass and a fuck up. It is plain as day, and he doesnt hide who he is. Sure, he thinks he is awesome, but he stands behind every action.

The left move about in the shadows, preaching one thing, and doing another.

Better the devil you know…

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I find them to be a constant fight, fight against everything even between themselves. I’m not saying it hasn’t achieved some good, ‘peoples’ rights have improved exponentially. The problem is when they have won…they just keep on fighting and the more they keep fighting the more idiotic their causes become, like pouring water into a good scotch. It’s a course for destruction.

I agree about Trump. Literally this is all the left has to do is, stop the bullshit.

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Yup. I agree with vastly more policies of the left than i do the right, but the fundamental ones, and the fact that the left here just lines their friends pockets and gives all contracts to their buddies(to fuck up and drain billions) is why i cant vote for them. All their supporters give them a pass on this stuff. People talk about individual rights, like abortion and marriage when all this is already law, and has been for decades.

In my province, everyone was up in arms about the conservatives(in power now) restricting raises for teachers and raising class sizes. all teachers on strike…

When the left was in power(2 years ago for ~12 years), they closed 660 schools. Guess what happened? Teachers and administration staff lost jobs. Kids were shuffled into other schools where class sizes rose, AND NO ONE FROM THE LEFT SAID A FUCKING WORD!

I swear if all the left supporters actually went back and read what took place while the left was in power, their mind would be blown and they would be appalled at what was done, and never reported on because, likely just the same as Canada, the left gave a bailout to MSM, who didnt even need one.

They also gave $12million to the largest grocery chain in Canada to buy and install new, more efficient fridges. The fucking richest family in Canada gets $12million…

Oh, MasterCard, I know you posted 2 BILLION in sales, but here, have a $50million grant…

Awarding of a federal contract to WE Charity to administer the $912 million Canada Student Summer Grant program (CSSG). I know you pay the Trudeau family nicely for speaking at your events, but thats not a conflict of interest…


Stop the oil pipeline to the east coast where we have refineries! OIL IS BAD! ENVIRONMENT GOOD! Instead, lets buy oil from SAUDI ARABIA where they have LITTLE TO NO environmental regulations on mining oil, burn off gases… Oh, and they also persecute woman, and homosexuals, but lets keep feeding them $20 billion dollars a year. Out of sight, out of mind, right? And a pipeline from the oil fields to the US, so the US can refine our oil and sell it back to us at a premium is cool too!

Fuck the left and their utter dishonest ways. Dont tell me you are for the environment and individual rights, when all you care about is your own borders. Canada is carbon neutral, but please fucking carbon tax us and prevent us from making real global change.

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Yup, took me a year or so to see it. LV was all on board and I didn’t get it… then the results.

Well, it was good while it lasted… TRUMP 2024!!!

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See, my dad and I hold a lot of these views. We don’t agree with what we call the “mamby pamby” nature of it, and he voted Tory in 2010 and is staunchly against or blissfully unaware of all this shit that seems to cause many I’m noticing here to be firmly against. But the thing is, there is as much of a blind eye we’re willing to turn against as you fellows are. We do believe in the principles of strong classic liberalism and stand by them. I would take care then, as there is a reason people who turn into conservatives tend to be grouchy old middle aged men waving their fists at the young.

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It was all tickedy-boo up to this point. By taking sides you’ve more than adequately demonstrated where the problem lays. Some kids are idiots, some adults are idiots, the only thing separating them is life experience, which I know at 14 I thought I had droves of…I didn’t.

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There have been many, many occurrences where the kids have been smarter than the middle aged men. Tianenmen square, Rosa Parks, the original premise of BLM, the premise of the original antifa. This place is a group for stereotypical right wing middle aged old men. The conversation is pointless here and the reason I gave is so.

There is so much internet surfed “I’m smarter than everyone else here, I have all the answers” and very, very little humility. It’s jaded and dull now.

The smart people are not the issue though. It’s all about the sheep.

And you fitted quite nicely into that slot of some guy who was willing to take on a new attorney general and call martial law (which wasn’t going to work) before Mitch had second thoughts. I predict by the end of it, it would have all looked a lot like his desired Russian model of a state controlled media. He wouldn’t have straight up killed the people who ran them; he would have just riddled it out, but given Trump’s track record I wouldn’t put it past him to get some more stooges to do that too. That’s where it was heading, to that same authoritarian state… doesn’t sound very populist to me.

The only thing wrong with the internet are the restrictions that have been put in place, the restrictions have been put in place because a certain group of people don’t like their ideas being shut down. Misinformation is equally shared through all sides, by not being able to discuss it how will humility ever stand a chance?

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Did I miss something? Who was calling for martial law? If so I wouldn’t mind a source.

Biden has replaced the bust of Churchill in the oval office with a guy who took his advice from the writings of Mao and Hitler…but that’s a whole other discussion.

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There’s free speech and then there’s letting a guy who’s in charge of a whole country with a lot of money and power in his hands take over the government.

Yes, but this is the whole crux of the conversation, one side believes the other is not worthy, the other side thinks they are not worthy and the numbers are pretty equal.

By silencing one side, we are on the road to your Russian authoritarian state because they don’t agree with the other side while in the same breath calling for Democracy. If they want Democracy both sides must be heard, it’s down to the people to fathom out what is truth and what are lies.

You are taking a side because you have belief in that side. The side you’ve chosen makes you feel superior to those who have chosen the other side. The humility comes from listening to the other side and finding middle ground, not covering your ears and shouting LALALALALALALALA.

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