Vatican Investigates How Pope Francis' Instagram 'Liked' Brazilian Model's Booty Pic

First Ted Cruz, then Fort Bragg Army Base’s Twitter account, and now Pope Francis: Vatican officials say they are investigating how it was that the Supreme Pontiff’s Instagram account “liked” a racy photograph of a Brazilian bikini model .

The Vatican admitted that the unintentional “like” did occur of the image which is clearly sexually suggestive given the model has her bum on display. And in perhaps a worse irony for the scandal-racked Roman Catholic Church, the model is donning a skimpy “naughty school girl” outfit.

The officially verified @Franciscus account removed the Instagram “thumbs up” of the suggestive pic a full one day later . “The issue is currently being investigated in close contact with Instagram,” a Vatican spokesperson said to AFP.

The Vatican says it has a social media team which posts and generally updates the pope’s Instagram and other social media accounts on his behalf.

they caught The Pope in 4K

— Corn 🌟 (@snootid) November 14, 2020

It remains that the official Vatican social media accounts, including on Twitter, typically do not “like” or follow other profiles, which is in part how a fan of the Brazilian model caught it:

Natalia Garibotto, 27, posed in a white cropped top, suspenders, and the smallest of tartan skirts for a naughty school girl picture that was given the thumbs up by the official @Franciscus account last week.

“I’m going to heaven,” the blonde model tweeted after an eagle-eyed fan snapped a screenshot of the “like”.

Francis’ Instagram has 7.4 million followers, and the incident has brought a flood of attention to Garibotto’s page.

Via Sky News

She later tweeted: “Brb (be right back) on my way to the Vatican,” while the Brazilian model’s publicity company posted on its social media accounts, “received the POPE’S OFFICIAL BLESSING”.