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It’s true. Like my granddad a couple of years back.

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Feminist bollox.

“You get paid more”
No we don’t, this has been debunked countless times.
“You get male privilege”
That’s not a thing.
“You’ve got the patriarchy on your side”
The devil in the feminist religion also doesn’t exist.

“Up until the age of 8 or 9, boys cry the same amount as girls…and then they get thought to stop”
Yeah puberty is a thing that actually exists.

“fear of looking weak, feminine or gay”
And women ‘fear’ looking butch. Men and women are different and that’s a good thing.

“stopping men from talking about their feelings”
Because nobody gives a damn about mens feelings. Women get constant affirmations but men get a handful in their lifetimes and they are precious memories.

“And then they kill themselves”
Victim blaming and politicising men for not opening up more when it’s society that doesn’t give a shit about them. Classy.

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It’s not just ‘not talking about their feelings’ that is driving men to suicide (though being told as a white man that you can’t have an opinion on most things doesn’t help), it’s the dismantling of male spaces, the removal of fathers from families (which breaks down both the sons and the fathers), the removal of the distinctly masculine purpose of protecting and providing for others, the 50 year barrage of being called toxic, predators, rapists. We are shamed for earning more because we work more hours and more dangerous, disgusting, or menial jobs. We are by default more likely to loose our homes and access to our children in divorce, we are more likely to be arrested and charged for the same crimes in comparison to women, and when found guilty have significantly harsher punishments than women.

Both boys and girls need to feel wanted. Around the time boys are discouraged from crying (which, really hasn’t been happening for the last 30 years) they are looked over in the classrooms by teachers who want girls to succeed, and when they get frustrated or restless they are medicated and told that there is something wrong with them. They have a harder time getting into college, are less likely to earn a degree, and are often paid less than women when working the same hours on the same job during their 20’s and 30’s. Every commercial ‘buffoon’ is a man, nearly every sitcom dad is either a fool, lazy, or has anger issues.

We are at a state sexually that looking at a woman can bring accusations of sexual harassment, hitting on someone at a bar could get you thrown out, and having consensual sex even with express consent can lead to rape accusations if the woman regrets it in the morning. We have no reproductive rights and can ether have our children aborted or be obligated to 22+ years of child support at the sole discretion of a woman, and even if you find out later the kid isn’t yours the courts will still make you pay.

I am so sick of the ‘male privilege’ myth. To hammer it home think on the following. As a man: You are alone in the park a child approaches you and says that she is lost. What is your first instinct? As a woman; You come across a grown man talking to a child that isn’t his in the park. What is your first instinct?

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I got 2 words for you: Man up.

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I have 4 daughters and if I’m in a store and there is a kid in the aisle, I won’t go down the aisle.

Yup, I’m afraid to even go near a strangers children.

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When did you get the fourth one?

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Because nobody gives a damn about mens feelings.

Isn’t that the point being made? That sounds like it came from the heart…

I am so sick of the ‘male privilege’ myth.

Absolutely, that’s the main issue here.

Man up.

Yes sir! I’ll just go tie this noose in secret! Won’t bother nobody.

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Apologise for nothing, face it square on.

Bullshit politics aside and untangling what’s in the post, what is the real problem here?

Do you guys think about death and killing yourself?

What is the real reason that is? Why do you drink? Why do you have a shit job? Why don’t you have a job? How do you let go of all that shame and burden?

Why won’t you actually pick your arse up and see a psychotherapist?

In my experience, it was because I hadn’t hit rock bottom yet, I hadn’t forced myself to do so, so I went through all the shitty ways around it to do so: blaming other people, minimising (“Oh I need to drink / use to do x”), I waited until I got married, got a house, had kids before I was “ready”, I maximise (“it’s all so overwhelming, I couldn’t possibly sort it out!”). My mind will tell me over and over again that I will go back to using to blot out that shit so I had to admit to myself that I can’t do this alone. I had to go and hit that rock bottom. What does that say?

So rather use than that useless 2 word “man up” which has cryptic and effortless, no, I pick myself up over 5 years of work, untangle all my shit, relapse, do it all again, untangle, swear I won’t go back to using, relapse again! And finally got back to fully letting go of the shit in my head going round and round, not with a bullet, but getting it all out, apologising to those I hurt, let off steam with those who hurt me, let go of my resentments, and finally admit to myself that I can look after myself, stop talking to myself like I’m a piece of shit, stop talking to those around me like that, stop looking for little bits and bobs on the internet that perpetuate my misery, and live in the present moment.

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Such an Ambassador for teoti…salutes. :download_1_:

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I’m just speaking for myself - you don’t have to listen. Take what you like and leave the rest…

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Yup, they gave me pills, I sat on a few sofas, at the end of the day I found overthinking situations, the constant analysing is what was making everything worse. So my answer was ‘fuck it’, there’s so much more to life then self loathing. Do I still think about death and killing myself, yep…but hey fuck it.

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Yeah I find that works well.

I also find that I need to be able to live with my own thoughts and feelings rather than turning over to picking something up, be it sugar, alcohol, drugs, porn… I have to be able to live with myself and if memories of the past or worries of the future are the cause of that, then I’ve got to face them, untangle them, let them go. Those I can’t resolve, I have to admit defeat with those in particular as I can’t keep going back over them.

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Like a man. :wink:

That’s not the point being made. The OP pic asserts that men kill themselves because they’re not feminine enough. Bullshit and one of the reasons men kill themselves, because the nature of what men are is under attack.
A man with strong self worth and emotional strength, masculine traits, would never kill himself.
Masculine traits are evil in feminist dogma. The guy in the OP pic is a dishonest weasel. Also probably a sex pest, like so many male feminists end up being.

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Like an adult.

Nothing to do with people who are naturally effeminate being tormented in their teens by other people in the 80s and 90s then, carrying that into adulthood and not having an outlet?

I think this OP is less to do with you and your pains of the present moment, as damaging and valid as you are pointing out (good ol’ whataboutism, fixes every argument), and more directed at another group of people. It’s not black and white. Narky defense mechanisms aside, I think the point has been missed here. I know full well about the potato head syndrome, but honestly I wouldn’t take this stuff to heart.

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I think there’s a misunderstanding between the difference of “being an adult” and “being a man” here.

I know nothing of this person so I assume you know more than I do but do you think that might be rather judgmental? Who is he?

I think there is a definition problem, for sure. What is it to be a man? What do you need to do to cross the border from ‘boy’ to ‘man’? To me, saying “be a man” is the same as being an adult, but specific to men, as I am sure there are some subtle differences to ‘being a woman’ that I am not aware of, as I am a man.

To be a man, you have to accept and take responsibility for your situation. Not look to outside sources and reasons for your situation.

This is why I think there are so many ‘boys’ in the world. They blame others for their situation, etc.

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Got some data to back up the claim that effeminate teen years are a large factor in suicide, or no? Talking about whataboutism…

I… agree. This isn’t about me?

Male feminist, maths checks out.

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