USA Swimming official resigns over Penn swimmer

… who switched to female competition

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No person who was mediocre at a sport as a male would biologically change to female to increase their odds at winning. no. never.

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that said, if i guy is willing to cut his dick off, then so be it. but the dick has to go before they can compete as a woman. See if they are still willing.

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They don’t have to cut off their dick. Assuming they do is trans-phobic. Even if they go post-op, their structure has benefited from testosterone for at least a decade, increasing bone density, muscle mass and the ability to be a total dick.

Men and women are biologically different on a cellular level. There are women stronger, more aggressive, and smarter than I am. On the aggregate of the bell curve, men are (at the extreme) stronger, more aggressive and smarter than women. To start on the other side… no men can choose to reproduce on their own and carry another human life into this world. Women, on the aggregate of the bell curve, are more compassionate, kinder, more nurturing, and more empathetic (Wise).

This is a generalization of the species, and almost all of us fall in the very vast overlap of the extremes. There are women smarter, stronger, and more aggressive than I am. Absolutely no doubt. I am also more empathetic, compassionate, kinder and nurturing than the women directly in my life.

Athletics is a point of physical extremes. In that area of the bell curve (which I am not), a man at 70% proficiency can beat women at 95% proficiency. The best US women’s soccer team was beaten by 15 year olds (FC Dallas under-15 boys squad beat the U.S. Women's National Team in a scrimmage - Those kids were at a physical peak, were young and were able to out perform.

Let’s be honest… if women were biologically close to men in physical sports (and trust me, they out class us in other areas, so I am not trying to be a dick here) why do we have Title 9, women’s sports or any division of sex?

This is what should not happen: When transgender fighter Fallon Fox broke her opponent's skull in MMA fight

Women should not be harmed to promote PC principles. Women’s sports should be for biological women. I know that to say that reinforces biological differences. Sure, I may be naive and out of touch… but I will offer this. When trans-men start to even make the top 500 of any physical men’s sport I am willing to reconsider.

And this isn’t anti-women. It’s completely anti-trans-female. Just wanted to be clear.

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Yes. Absolutely yes they would. Money. Fame. Scholarships. Being trans is… I won’t say mental illness… but certainly a mental struggle. I have a trans child. They tried to kill themselves last Easter. I had a trans kid I supervised as as a leader of a female troop in Scout Summer Camp last year and I explained to the other leaders what was going on. Both are F to M trans. I get it. M to F trans in athletics? Yeah, they are mediocre athletes looking for a way to get ahead. They are dominating women’s sports and are making competition dangerous for women, erasing women’s athletic achievements and making a mockery of gender-separated sports.

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Its actually pro trans. It weeds out those who are not really trans but doing it for the sake of winning. If a man is willing to cut off his dick, then i fully accept his desire to be a woman. The cutting off of the dick is the commitment. if you truly think youre a woman, then looking down and seeing a dick should make you want to cut it off. )

( i dont believe in anything beyond 2 genders. you can be attracted to anything/anyone, but there is only male/female. not to say there isnt feminine males, or masculine females. its a spectrum, not an either/or)

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