Ah yeah, nobody needs to see that

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The style file needs to be downloaded, edited locally, renamed then uploaded to have any chance of being able to edit it in teoti console. I shall do this after my tea and crumpets.

Here you go

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That’s on comments. Probably more useful to have that on the front page threads… here you go:

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Well, the import seems fine. console is now available for graceful. Customise > Theme > Graceful > Edit CSS/HTML

Default teoti style updated, any problems just gimme a shout. There’s also ‘Fakebook’ Style for mobile.

I think Mobile looks better now.

Colour scheme can be changed in: Preferences > Interface > Colour Scheme

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Oh yeah, we can work on old style too :slight_smile: 3 column layout and all that

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New update adds some functionality (also screwed up default theme lol) So i’ll be working on that. Air theme added, Fakebook theme removed temporary.


New API Scopes

We’ve added additional API scopes to allow developers to ensure API keys they generate only work on specific endpoints.


Additional chat improvements

We’re continually iterating on chat. In this beta, we’ve added support for inline audio players, as well as the editing of channel slugs (admin only). We’ve also added a new user preference for the chat header icon.


Resizeable chat drawer

We’ve updated the chat draw to be resizable. To adjust the size of your draw, grab the top left corner with your mouse and adjust to taste.


Search optimizations

We have improved our search feature with new optimizations.


User Status

Users can set a custom emoji and message to share their current status with the community.


Customizable Sidebar

Community members can add categories, tags, and chat channels to their sidebar for easy access to the discussions they care most about.


Chat in real time

Create channels for community members to chat more informally and build relationships.