We started this project yesterday, please be patient :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

to-do’s , suggestions in here please.

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added categories.

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added tricpe mods and trust level (I think)

Hey, guys! I’m at work and on mobile (it’s how I post and contribute mostly). I understand there’s an app?

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Ignore fig… they think they can charge you for this. There’s discourse hub on iOS as well

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Added reaction .gifs


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Added Temple and Dungeon as separate categories, both are only accessible by Admins, Mods and lvl4 users.

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Voting added (just have to add it to all the categories)

lvl1-3 10 votes

lvl4 and up 25 votes

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Retort reactions fixed?


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  • git clone

apparently means something

added easier PM access from front page

added shoutbox

added right bar, recent reply’s + will be adding more too it

added spoiler because Mark never watches movies on time.

[ spoiler ] [ /spoiler ]

(they all die)

added ‘who’s on line’

Where is the shoutbox