The Toothless Tyranny of Beijing Biden - A Rant

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I don’t know how HIPAA laws are compatible with vaccine mandates. Sure Public Schools and the Military have historically mandated vaccines… but a supermarket? …Walmart? …Amazon van drivers? HIPAA bars employers from anyone other than the individual from getting medical information because the law was enacted to ensure individual privacy, especially against employers concerning their health care and conditions.

HIPAA was a Democrat law (and one, as a Libertarian I absolutely agree with). Why are they now demanding people publicly show their medical history? Further… why isn’t natural antibodies an part of this discussion? I had COVID. It sucked hard. Why can’t I prove I have antibodies to this disease and be done with it?

Because, as I argued with by Doctor sister (very, very left)… If it mutates, (LIKE THE FLU) a vaccine is temporary at best. Vaccines do not offer partial protection. That’s not how they work. Now they are offering RNA vaccines which are actually viruses with pre-programmed instructions to alter a persons DNA so their cells modify to resist COVID. I’m not okay with that.

As the truth leaks out about where this came from, and America’s funding and encouragement of this disease, I am becoming more convinced this is fundamentally part of the ‘Great Reset’ (youtube it).

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