The Shadow - DOUBLE Z (Pulp Audiobook)

Based on the true story of the ‘3X’ Serial Killer in 1930 and the mysterious disappearance of New York Supreme Court Justice John Force Crater one year later, 1932’s “Double Z” is a masterful ripped-from-the-headlines mystery. A series of slayings—and tips to police about said crimes—escalate rapidly, when the mysterious informant turns murderer himself. Signed with the mysterious sobriquet “ZZ” (dubbed by the tabloids “Double Z”), The Shadow soon takes interest in the informant’s cryptic letters. To unmask the archvillain, he will call upon all of his agents, and even recruit a new one. Is the villain an aspiring ganglord? A corrupt judge? An anti-fascist terrorist? Only The Shadow Knows! Table of Contents:

Chapter I: 00:00:20
Chapter II: 00:10:25
Chapter III: 00:20:24
Chapter IV: 00:33:53
Chapter V: 00:48:40
Chapter VI: 01:02:18
Chapter VII: 01:19:42
Chapter VIII: 01:33:09
Chapter IX: 01:49:35
Chapter X: 02:03:41
Chapter XI: 02:15:56
Chapter XII: 02:30:39
Chapter XIII: 02:47:02
Chapter XIV: 03:03:17
Chapter XV: 03:19:26
Chapter XVI: 03:29:10
Chapter XVII: 03:42:57
Chapter XVIII: 03:52:31
Chapter XIX: 04:05:27
Chapter XX: 04:18:20
Chapter XXI: 04:37:55