The Right to Protest & Offend!

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He is so much easier to listen to and makes so much more sense than any of the current of past leaders of the word!

Wish more like him were in charge.

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^^ an untrained, under-educated comedian specializing in one of the lowest forms of humor?

… and despite all of his achievements, Trump was bad?

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Don’t care about his qualification for the job. I was referencing his speaking ability to cover a topic and have it make sense, (or since don’t care about that either tonight).

No Trumptydumpty was not bad, he was HORRIBLE! He was way worse to listen to then even GWB.

And before you go there I liked Bush as a president (just didn’t like to listen to him).

What did trump do to make him so horrible? At the very worst, he seemed pretty status quo for a POTUS.

This is what I dont get. Why was he so hated? I wonder if you took the actions of a president, and not the media shite, but bills passed, and employment rates, etc for each president, then removed all names and dates, could anyone even pick out Trumps term as POTUS?

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The question no one ever seems to be able to answer. The amount of times I’ve seen this asked, the result is always a mass thread exodus. Or one person sticking around to point this out.

(The answer is: because the media told us so.)

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That makes me sad and angry. I am all for disliking someone, but on merit. they did bad things.

my wife uses this all the time on Trump haters…

You have an illness that requires surgery. The top surgeon with 99% success if a total asshole. He hate women, might be a little racist, and is just arrogant. The next best surgeon is SUPER nice and a guy you would want your daughter to date. He has a success rate of 75%.

Who do you choose to do your surgery?

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I think people started to realise this, which is why the whole ‘cancel culture’ movement is booming, I know one thing it has absolutely nothing to do with logic.

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thats exactly it. its 100% feelings. Feelings are great. They are very useful, but on the grander items, like world happenings, and running a country, feelings should not be considered. only logic and facts.

We have created a society of morons that are driven by feelings alone. Feelings + snap decisions = bad decisions, and regret.

but since so many do it, the regret doesnt exist because the morons are just stoking the communal fires of hate.

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It’s authoritarian, let’s not beat around the bush here. Do as we say or we’ll ruin you.

indeed. The new world order, but if i had to choose, not the one i want. people will soon right for censorship and taking away of their rights…

well played Illuminati, well played.

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[quote=“Flee, post:6, topic:1643”]
What did trump do to make him so horrible?
[/quote]Well, he did start a war with China. Sure it’s called trade war, but a war nevertheless! China, in the spirit of their ancient wisdom “When at war win at all costs” created this virus, which he himself calls Chinese virus, and the epilogue is more than half a million casualties in the USA.

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Interesting. You assert the goal of COVID was to attack the US which was brought on by Trumps actions, and the entire world is collateral damage?

really, that idea is not “out there”. it is plausible.

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Don’t you hate it when I’m right?

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i dont hate it at all. just havent heard anyone suggest that link

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Actually, if it’s the way he came across… I agree with you. He was cringe worthy, and I didn’t vote for him in 2016 because I couldn’t stand him. LV loved him, but he was from NYC and that’s how he said they talk down there.

I only really got behind Trump a couple years in, when I started seeing the results of his actions. He kept campaign promises, he fixed the trade imbalances, he stood for America first (which I think any world leader should do) and his accomplishments (the most resent, getting the COVID vaccine out and distributed) are either overlooked or now being attributed to Biden…

But I still cringe when he speaks (and I know exactly what you mean with GWB).

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I have a long list of reasons why, after being hopeful that when he was elected he would put in place good people who would create and implement good policy, would not only make him a better pick then CrookedHillary but also in the end be a good president.

Maybe some day I will sit down and dump my thinking and reasons into a readable essay, but for now I will stick to a bullet list and rush to work:

Could not pick quality people for cabinet level positions.
Could not manage there actions.
Could not stick to the truth. He couldn’t even make a lie sound good or believable. A quick google search was all you needed to see it was bullshit which is why I am NOT proud to be an american because so many american not only believed every stupid thing he said be agreed it was a great thing.

Could not stop starting fights that didn’t need fought.
Insulting to everyone.
Started Trade war without a plan B, (not sure he had a plan A).
Scrapped Iran deal without trying to make it better first which was impossible because he couldn’t stop talking shit about the country and the deal during the election.
Total Scrapped trade deals that worked (but needed improved) only to give in and replace them with something not much better.
Spent BILLIONS changing the NAFTA trade deal to a new name.
Prematurely pulled troops out of Afgan and Iraq but did nothing about Central America.
Abandoned Puerto Rico after a disaster, did nothing to help improve Cuba relations (made that worse), Did nothing to improve conditions in Haite.
I got more but you get the picture…

HE ABSOLUTELY FAILED in regards to COVID! While he is not the only one to blame, he leads the pack at Failing to do ANYTHING helpful in regards to COVID. Don’t give a fuck what great things you think he did with the vaccines even that was focused on making himself look good more than making the program work. Biden did make it better BUT it still sucks ass in part because it is based on a sucking ass approach. This is another topic I could write pages on the federal response and addition pages on CA fucked up approach and a third document on my own companies fucked up approach. But he is at the top, he was vocal and amendment in his failed approach so I blame him the most.

Now I know I will get beat up for being a stupid California liberal media bias lapdog. But that is as far from the truth as Trumptydump is from being the richest man in the country. I grew up Republican and while I consider my self to be a down the middle independent I still lean Republican on many issues. While I do live in CA I live in a more Republican area and I to think San Fran Politians are the worse! My hate for Trump is not political, and it does not come from CNFUCKINGN or MYGODTHISSUCKSMSNBC or from Trumpasskisingfoxhasbeens. It comes from my dislike of the actions taken.

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I agree with half of your list, and if you generally rely on the main-stream media I understand why you think the rest. Take Puerto Rico, did you know the Democrat governor lied about not getting aid, on camera, in front of pallets of relief supplies? Did you know they found warehouses of relief supplies rotting away in warehouses months after the disaster?

(NBC News: Puerto Rico residents outraged after discovering warehouse full of unused aid from Hurricane Maria)

It would take some effort but if you really are objective you will find quietly posted (or corrected) articles that showed that the media was not being honest.

I would start with CDC research on lethality, in-school transmission, how far away you need to ‘distance’, the affect of mask wearing on COVID cases between states and countries, that Hydrocloriquin(sp?) was quietly allowed back as a treatment for COVID by the CDC after the election, that during the election Trump was called a liar for saying a Vaccine would be reasy by the end of the year, and the week after the election Phiser announced they had a vaccine, that Trump’s roll out, which started in January, was achieveing the same level of success Biden promised when he entered office. I could go on and on on about how much misinformation has been, and continues to be spread by Fauchi while actual science has been supressed on social media (evidence which was later proven by the CDC to be true.

No, quite a few things you listed were frustrating to me as well. Honestly, I appreciate you taking the time to put forth such a comprehensive response.

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The San Juan PR Mayor, not gov. Not a huge deal, but just making the distinction. Four year later, almost, and Puerto Rico is still derp in corruption, FBI arrests are rampant due to corruption from billions in aid wasted from Maria.

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