Suggestion required for how to split accommodation costs between hotels


I’m trying to return back to the USA this month or the next, and thought it would be a good idea to ask for some information on teoti.

I mostly need to know low cost budget hotels/apartments in USA. Since I’m not earning much, and need to be away until March, I find spending time in the USA is the best things to do while waiting.

I believe that once the vaccine arrives, I can rest and go back home in Agra. Until then I’m supposed to be stuck at my apartment in Gurgaon. So my hope is to rather travel USA on a tight budget.

So, my question is: Are there any hotels/chains that allow splitting of the accommodation into hotels. That means, for example, if I book a hotel chain for 1 month, and then after 2 weeks I decide I need to change my hotel, then can my booking be transferred to an alternative hotel in the same city/state?

Another example could be hotel passes: I purchase 1 month (per night, 30 passes) hotel pass, and then stay at a hotel for 2 weeks, and the move the another hotel with my remaining passes for 2 weeks to complete 1 month of stay in a city/state.

This way, I can be assuered of my stay for 1 month, so that my folks don’t call me back if they find me not looking for employment in the USA.
I also need employment outside of India, cause I can no longer live here. I cannot get a refugee visa, cause I’ve no proof of how much the country hates me.
Hope I can find visa sponsorship along with employment cause I’m getting below twice the average salary of a minimum wage in the USA. I haven’t done graduation so I’m finding it difficult to find a work sponsorship.

Anyways, hoping it’s easy to live in the USA for more than a month on a budget trip. Although I can spend more, I still have to be certain that I’m staying until March.

Any suggestions?