'Soil has feeling, Clarkson doesn't'

Jeremy Clarkson is gobsmacked as eco-warriors dump three tonnes of MUSHROOM COMPOST over his gleaming Range Rover in protest over his extension plans for Diddly Squat farm.

  • Clarkson, 61, was left speechless when protestors used a digger to dump the compost on his motor
  • Activists have been camping next to his Diddly Squat farm in Chadlington, Oxfordshire, to protest about his expansion plans
  • They are concerned about his expansion plans with increasing traffic in the village and damage to the soil
  • The TV host, who stars in a hit series for Amazon Prime, arrived at the farm with his partner Lisa Hogan on Tuesday
  • He stood there, flabbergasted, as a man in a hat and a mask used a digger to dump the compost onto his Range Rover
  • In the footage, one protester is seen running and dancing naked in a Monty Python style as a policeman frantically pursues

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I remember a time not that long ago when that digger would have been swarmed with police dragging the driver out. Mind you there is a chance it’s just a stunt, Clarkson did look surprisingly calm.

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