Sidney Powell "An Algorighm Was Plugged In to Steal Votes from Trump During"

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I just watched(skipped around) Pakman’s take on this and it was incredibly pathetic.
What the hell happened to that guy in the 5 years since I last saw him?
Muting instead of pausing to make non-sequiturs and unfunny jokes. Unwatchable.

His whole comment section is cringy tween orange man bad takes and idiots saying she’s clearly lying because of her shaky voice, instead of, you know, being afraid.

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I wasn’t aware of Pakman until today, it seems like he’s baying to the masses as many are on youtube now.

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If the machines were rigged why didn’t the Democrats win the Senate and a super majority in the house?

If the machines were rigged why are the margins of victory so close they require a recount. Wouldn’t you want them to win just outside the mandatory recount margin so there is no scrutiny of the results?

If the votes were rigged why didn’t Florida and Texas go for Biden and make this a game over event?

Who kind of cheats? This clown show needs to be illegal. Put the facts on the Judges desk or shut the fuck up and go home!

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Sidney Powell: It will be BIBLICAL

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That would turn all the R’s against them, as it is now the R’s are mostly sitting cozy and quiet with their victories.

Don’t know the exact reason but it could be because they didn’t expect Trump to do better than last time in every demographic except for white males. Which is odd that he didn’t get those votes, almost like that’s where they stole the votes from.
Though the fact that Biden did better with blacks than Obama(fucking lol) shows that that’s not entirely the case.

They may have just not have had access in those states.

That’s where the evidence is going, not the media circus. Legal stuff takes time.

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