SEC Investigating Elon Musk Over Dogecoin Tweets

Is the SEC finally ready to try and take on Tesla CEO Elon Musk? After meekly hitting Musk with a slap on the wrist following the whole “funding secured” debacle (back in the summer of 2018, Musk tweeted that he had put together a deal to take Tesla private at $420 a share…the stock soared, until it came to light that this was an elaborate joke), the SEC is reportedly investigating Musk over his dogecoin-related tweets, according to media reports.


Remember, part of the deal that Musk struck with the SEC after the ‘funding secured’ blowback involved his board approving future tweets. However, Musk has flouted this requirement repeatedly, and appears to say whatever he feels on social media, where he enjoys a rabid following, especially on Twitter.

Since the start of February, the price of dogecoin has surged as Musk has led an army of retail traders whose stated goal is to pump the coin as massively as possible.

It looks like dogecoin sold off on the news.

Though, perhaps to create some cover for himself, Musk has also tweeted that he would support a selloff in dogecoin if the biggest holders decided to dump their positions…

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Would be hilarious if they spent millions to investigate him and found out he never even owned doge or if he did its small and he never sold any of it. What caught my attention is all the fun with doge was at the same time the TESLA board was quietly dumping $1.5 BILLION into Bit Coin.

Why is it that Trumptydumpty can Could say what every the fuck stupid thing he wanted to and it was just his personal opinion, not serious or its unofficial but Elon can have some fun with his millions of followers and it OMG!

BTW that last graph: That massive Drop is only $0.002 thats 2 micro cents of value :slight_smile:

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0.002 is big enough when you have 36billion coins(Robinhood).

All elon tweeted was a picture of him holding up the doge, a la lion king.

The SEC are morons. This jump hurt the small time traders(myself). Before musk tweeting, I was doubling my money almost weekly. Haven’t done anything close since the tweet.

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