Rishi unveils massive new £15BILLION cost-of-living bailout

Rishi unveils massive new £15BILLION cost-of-living bailout: EVERY household will get £400 off bills, families on benefits a £650 lump sum, and £300 for pensioners after Chancellor U-turns to impose £5bn windfall tax on surging profits of energy firms

  • Chancellor Rishi Sunak has unveiled a huge £15billion cost-of-living bailout that will help every UK household
  • Mr Sunak said he was prioritising the most vulnerable Britons with his new package of targeted measures
  • Every household will get £400 off energy bills in October after windfall tax imposed on energy firm profits

The £200 per household state loan for energy bills - which was due to take effect in October be paid back over the next four years - is being converted to a permanent grant and doubled to £400 to take the edge off the misery of spiking inflation for 27million homes.

Mr Sunak said eight million households on benefits will get a £650 handout, paid in two stages in July and autumn - which will cost the Treasury £5billion.

Pensioners who get winter fuel allowance will get £300 extra, and he confirmed that the triple lock will be applied to the state pension this year. Disabled people will get £150.

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When you bought a 3 year fixed tariff before everything went to shit. :eh:


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