Qatar pushing for beer ban at World Cup stadiums


Qatar pushing for beer ban at World Cup stadiums

Hotels, fan zones and stadiums are to due to sell alcohol in Qatar during the World Cup

Hosts Qatar are pressuring Fifa to stop the sale of beer at the eight World Cup stadiums, according to reports.

The sale of alcohol is strictly controlled in Qatar, but it is due to be available in the area immediately outside match venues and fan zones, as well as within hotels.

Budweiser is one of Fifa’s biggest sponsors but was told on Saturday to relocate stalls selling its product at stadiums to less prominent locations.

The Times reports that Qatar 2022 now wants to go even further and that discussions are ongoing between Fifa and Budweiser. The PA news agency has approached Fifa and Budweiser owner AB InBev for comment.

In response to the request to move its outlets, AB InBev told Sky News: "AB InBev was informed on November 12 and are working with Fifa to relocate the concession outlets to locations as directed.

“We are working with Fifa to bring the best possible experience to the fans. Our focus is on delivering the best possible consumer experience under the new circumstances.”

Elsewhere, it has been confirmed that Fifa is selling hospitality packages to attend its “fan festival” in Qatar – and stay out of the blazing sunshine – for as much as £960 per day.

Gerdine Lindhout, Fifa’s head of experiential marketing and promotion, said of the fan festival: “This is the best place to be when you are not in the stadium. It will be a multidimensional, festival-like experience. It’s not just about football, it’s about gaming, lifestyle and amazing food. We have decided to go huge in Doha.”

On the question of heat she added: "It is definitely hot but there are enough areas where there is a shadow and we have enough refreshing beverages so I do not see a problem there. People have to use their logical minds - and dress for the occasion. Wear your shorts…

…wear something light and enjoy some refreshing beverages." :rofl:

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