Project Veritas LEAKS TwitterAllHands with Elon Musk

Full convo…

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Employee reactions after the ‘All Hands’

On 8:35 he lost me there…No we dont want twitter to be like wechat, we have enough centralized web with Google & friends, just keep it twitter, wtf Elon!

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I think he’s on about footfall rather than cloning, Twitter needs to make a profit something it’s famously not been great at for it’s size.

They haven’t a fucking clue what’s actually going on in the real world, do they? We’ve seen over decades, since the second world war, that we can’t shut down a problem by silencing it! The only way is with diplomacy, facts, and discussion, and that’s what freedom of speech is all about. Fuck’s sake…

One thing that stood out in those comments was one saying “If we give holocaust deniers free speech, we amplify the problem”

BUT HANG ON A FUCKING SECOND, you write the algorithms and therefore algorithms are part of the problem if people aren’t seeing counterarguments. Just boosting things of interest amplifies the polarity of anger from every fucking direction!

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Yeah, if we make something like this then people are going to lose their shit in arguments but that’s the whole point, to work things out! If we divide it out, we just end up ghettoising all communities, and if we silence it, it just brews a bigger disaster.

This is the whole reason why comedy is fucked, and that there are people who think they should shut someone down if they say the wrong thing to them, like using the wrong pronoun or using an archaic phrase in a song.

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