Our Funeral Home is Overwhelmed With Bodies

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What world is she living in? There has been unemployment benefits and extensions, the left tried to block a lot of that, we’re on our second stimulus check
Insurance is mandatory thanks to Obamacare and businesses like bus companies are required to provide insurance also

LA and California, not Washington failed their people, just like New York and Washington State did earlier in the pandemic.

The government she demands to help already failed, FEMA has been working with states and cities for about a year now
But somehow federalizing funeral homes is her solution? Masking and social distancing did nothing to slow things down, but that’s all they have as a solution
It’s like their brains are atrophied and all they can think about is how to let the Feds take over and reduce liberties and rights even more, but we all know the outcome will still be the same ass it is now

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