Maps show how CNN lost America to Fox News

  • Map details dramatic shift from CNN to Fox News over 10-year period
  • Does it show the triumph of “fake news” — or, rather, its defeat?
  • A closer look at the map’s legend allows for more complex analyses
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Wikileaks, The Clinton emails showing CNN are in the pockets of the DNC, and the fact they have been reporting a complete load of b*llocks for the last 5 years isolating anyone who lives in the real world.

Here’s a good game, find these on CNN.

Pennsylvania Reported 200,000 More Ballots Cast than People Who Voted.
Georgia Has 460,000 Absentee Ballots Still Missing Custody.
Top Federal Prosecutor RESIGNS After Pennsylvania Election Fraud Investigation.

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(Fox new is only a little better) :smiley:

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What’s worse… A hairy asshole or a sweaty asshole?

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