Kushal Tikle

My name is Kushal Tikle and I am a Singapore based concept artist, working with visual development on films, games and illustrations .

My work combines my passion for art, technology and story telling. I am trained as an interior architect and a concept designer . I consider my main strengths to be the manipulation of colour, light and form to visualise story sequences, character designs and environment moods. My work process is very simple and streamlined, I am open to any art style and versatile enough to integrate it to bring out the best results.

Attention to detail and a strong work ethic places a lot of emphasis on my research and experimentation in my work. I thrive on the constant challenge to learn and grow as a designer using my skills and talent.

Dhakkan Cruiser

‘Dhakkan’ in Hindi means a lid, it’s also a slang word used to call someone an ‘idiot’ or ‘stupid’.

Self constructed and designed by the orphans of Mumbai from the junk available in the slums and the industrial wastelands.

I designed this keeping in mind the scrap that could be available like, canvas cloth, wooden planks, jet engines, chariot vehicle parts, streetlights, etc. Special features: Thrust pod / eject pod. Designed for rapid pursuits and capturing drones & other gang-war vehicles.

Dimension: 16mts x 5mts approx.
Construction: Scrap material, basic steel framework.
Armament: Laser blasters

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