Keir Starmer’s “nightmare film”

Keir Starmer’s “nightmare film” will premiere this Sunday morning

It should ruin him - but will it?

Labour Party leader Keir Starmer’s “nightmare film” will be premiered online this Sunday 16 June morning – right before the general election.

Starmer: the “nightmare” film before the general election

The new documentary film shows Starmer backing Israel’s onslaught on Gaza and the huge and growing backlash against him among Muslims, left wing, and younger voters.

Norman Thomas, producer of Big Lie II – Starmer and the Genocide, said:

Our film shows that the pro-Palestine protest movement has been much bigger and more influential than the political establishment has acknowledged. It must have a major impact on the polls — and many believe Keir Starmer is going to pay the price.

The film, which will premiere on the Not The Andrew Marr Show via Zoom at 10.30am on 16 June, spotlights what Thomas calls an “unprecedented political rebellion” taking place amid the general election.

Thomas said:

Hundreds of left-wing independent candidates are now standing for election, all united by support for the Palestinian cause. They will not admit it publicly but Labour is terrified by how this will affect their election results. Our film is Keir Starmer’s worst nightmare.

The film also investigates the likelihood of confrontation and crisis to come. Thomas added that “If Starmer does become prime minister he is almost certain to try to clamp down on protests — but I don’t think the protesters will back down”.

Contributors to the film include Jeremy Corbyn, former ANC member Andrew Feinstein who’s standing against Starmer in Holborn and St Pancras, Workers Party leader George Galloway, and leading direct action organiser Huda Amorri.

The film is from award-winning Platform Films makers of the documentary Oh Jeremy Corbyn – the Big Lie which was controversially banned by Glastonbury Festival last year. Platform has made films for Channel Four and the BBC.

If you want to register to get tickets to the premiere of Big Lie II – Starmer and the Genocide, the link is here.