If BLM had Stormed the Capitol

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Too bad the left can’t see past their irrational hatred of Trump to see how pathetically hypocritical they are

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Took you long enough… just long enough to have the right react just enough to claim equal morality. Go you! Enjoy the government sponsored brown shirts.

it was over 100 days of Leftist rioting, claiming autonomous zones, burning black inner cities. All that was peaceful protesting. The Right (if you ignore BLM organizers in the crowd) had ONE day protesting and raiding a white-majority government building (which just happened to be about to have Representatives and Senators force a debate on blatant election fraud, shutting it down and causing Republicans to back off while the president was allegedly provoking him far out of earshot).

I survived Clinton and Obama. I will survive Harris… I mean Biden. I do not want this country to fall, no matter how much the left is going to try to fuck it up. This is my home. I have no (well some) idea why the swamp was so quick to close down the review of the election. Too much went wrong, too much was inexplicable.

If anyone knows anyone, let Trump spout shit. Silencing him will only provoke the revolutionary right. Never, ever run an election like that again because if I can stand in line to buy a bread-maker at Walmart, I can certainly stand in line to vote. Stop big tech from censoring people. Censored maniacs have more power in the underground than (what you consider) morons can have out in the open. Censoring him, prosecuting him, impeaching him two weeks from a change of power he finally conceded to… THAT is how you spark really drastic reactions.

I don’t want that.

As a father of four I don’t want that.

But I will never forget what happened in 2020. The Democrats are evil hypocrites, and the Republicans are cowardly hypocrites. The country I grew up in is lost and I dare any Democrat to convince me how the last four years didn’t completely annihilate it.

Trump tried. Until the COVID panic he succeeded, and even toward the end, the stock market rebounded and Trump was siding with Bernie Sanders that the American people should be worth more than gender studies in Pakistan, demanding $2000, like he did all through his campaign. That spider-bitch Pelosi refused all through the summer and fall to deprive Trump (and Americans) a victory while she ate luxury chocolate ice cream and had her hair done during a lock-down.

Covid is a lie. I have the death certificate of my uncle who died in November. The rehab called me and said he died of C-Diff and dehydration. Guess what’s on his death certificate? COVID-19. Look up the nurse in Tampa FL talking about how hospitals are treating suspected COVID patients… Hell the CDC dropped Hydrochloquine warnings just after Trump was defeated because… like he said… it fucking works!

Would I say any of this on Facebook? No. Twitter? I ran over the 140 character limit for bullshit so nope. Censorship! And I know tricep is going to go all noble capitalist and argue, but if Ma Belle was disconnecting calls in the 60’s to prevent hippy-talk, or Verizon banned BLM members from their network for the last three years… we have airlines denying flights, we have hotels closing. We didn’t have that while black neighborhoods burned all summer because it served the corporate/progressive agenda.

Wait, what? Corporate/progressive? How can that be cohesive, you ask? Well there was this one European country that managed to both push an anti-gun, pro-universal healthcare, pro-censorship agenda in the early 30’s that also took over and demanded how all businesses run while ostracizing and calling for the punishment of people who had certain beliefs publicly.

At this point, given what I have seen, if you are pro-Biden you are a Stalinist. Hitler is to good for you. he was a monster, but the devastation Stalin forced upon his country, upon his own citizens (not even outsiders, just those that disagreed), yeah.

If you want to explore the election (Biden or Trump), if you want to get back to a fair, open, and transparent system, if you are at the very least skeptical of the numbers, no matter who you voted for we are on the same side. If you support obscuring what happened, support pushing through to Biden with out any proper judicial review, want to ignore that dead people, illegal people and out of state people voted and yet Barr says ‘no election fraud’ we are on the same side. Hell, if you thing Biden won the 2016 and the 2020 primaries, we are on the same side! Elections are our chance to voice an opinion. None of the elections in 2020 were fair, secure, or legitimate. Sure, some may hate Trump so much they are thrilled he’s gone… but when Conservatives/Neo-Liberals figure out the game (like they eventually did with gerrymandering) how much will it suck for those pushing tyranny?

Not much because you are (I’ll settle with) married to big tech. Fuck we stood up to the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, AT&T and even Bill Gates, but Zuckerberg is going to claim ownership of information?

I don’t know about any of you, but I’m not okay with that.

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