I hate

Great song by the way :slight_smile:

But in all seriousness I am full of hate and rage depression and negativity.
I wrote this great big speach about all the things I hate and why after going to my dark angry depressed side of my mind. I went into great detail several times but kept deleting it because:

  1. Teoti Spell checker fails me and I am a grammer failure of the only language I speak.
  2. Saying what I really feel could get me in trouble.
  3. Having issues saying what I mean and meaning what I say. I cant seem to express my self in ways that match what I truely feel.
  4. Cant figure out how to proper make a post containing pictures and video and have it be the way I want.
  5. I cant stand the Pro-Trump, Pro-Republican, ANTI-Democrat topics, Politics, Freedom at any cost Bull shit content anymore. (AND no I am not a Democrat). Reading this crap accompanied by the comments drive me crazy (in a very bad way).

I think I need to go back to being “The Silent God” both here and in life and keep my thoughts and opinions in my head were they belong until they die with me unheard. Speaking about them only makes me worse and I don’t feel like anyone cares to hear them in the first place! I definitely need to stay away form 1/2 the topics on this site because my current mental state can’t handle TEOTI level of Stupid.


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Don’t take yourself too seriously, and especially us here on teoti. Everything is an illusion anyway. If you need some time off, go for it, but I doubt anything significunt is going to change here or elsewhere in the world

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TBH there has been very little else to post over the last week, just add Politics and News to your Muted categories in your preferences and you’ll never have to bother with then again. :wink:

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Welcome to the club, i’m famously bad at all of the above, honestly if anyone has a problem it’s down to them not you, speak your mind (just avoid personal attacks, they seem to get me in trouble). :smiley:

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Also, a number of categories are hidden from Anon members, they need to be at least a level 2 Teotian to be able to see them.

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Maybe, just maybe we could say that on one particular day in a week we shall restrain ourselves from making political posts. You know, start the censorship reels low. :wink:

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What is it that drives you crazy, if you’re not affiliated to any political side? I just wonder how one can get all worked up about it? We used to see numerous pro left posts in years past. Q and Vis used to basically be attacked by those that posted them, but the posts never bothered me. But then again, I’m not pro Trump, just anti Left.

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Same really, I just post opinions and news that wont be found on the main stream media.

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I hate extremes on either side. I am anti-Trump, but that’s only because I think his behaviour has shown him to be a narcissistic arse and a dangerous populist. He’s not alone in those tendencies but you know, had I been a US citizen in 2016 then I might well have voted for him as he represented himself as a break from those dreadful, mass-produced, career politicians that infest every facet of the system and on every side.

For me, he not so much drained the swamp as turned it into a nepotistic sewer. I believe he lost the 2020 election, fairly and squarely and just can’t take losing. He effectively telegraphed what he was going to do and he also said in 2016 he’d abide by the result, so long as he won. Many others, of course, will vehemently disagree with me.

I am an uneasy mix of right, left and centrist views. No political party fits me because I believe they exist mainly to justify themselves and the system that both enriches, self-sustains and protects them. I’m lucky because I have a mixture of friends who go from very, very far left to very, very far right. I view each and every one of them as a good person. I listen to their arguments and if I think they’re wrong, I’ll tell them so. They come back and tell me why they think I’m wrong and I will listen to and evaluate their points. I try to keep an open mind on most things. Every year or so, I listen to a Frank Sinatra song. I do this to see if I’ve changed my mind about whether he sounds flat. He always does to me but because many other people disagree, I examine whether my position is incorrect. I’m much the same with Brussels sprouts (aka Satan’s balls) and my wife always adds one to my plate at Christmas. They still taste like lightbulbs dipped in raw sewage to me but one day, perhaps I’ll change my mind. Though I doubt it.

I think dialogue is good. There are limits to free speech - in my view, anyway - but talking and discussion are sorely lacking in society. Things are banned or shutdown when instead they should discussed, debated and critically examined. We seem to be forced into taking diametrically opposed positions on choices that are binary. Brexit is an example in the U.K. Scottish independence is another (and there are many more.) Democrat vs Republican over there. I do wonder whether there is some agenda at work - by whom, I’m not sure - to keep us all divided and angry. I’m not into conspiracy theories at all but people are both. Perhaps it’s always been this way? Maybe it’s because mass communication is now easier, more anonymous and distanced? Everyone is also in a rush.People will type things online they’d never dream of saying to someone seated across from them on a pub table. That’s a shame because we all have much more in common than is often immediately obvious.

Personally, I believe that the world can do with a bit more doubt. People are strident and cocksure about too many things. It’s good to doubt governments, less so to doubt perfectly good, independent science. Generally, I don’t believe in arguing on ‘teh interwebs’ but I am a fan of engagement and respect and I reiterate that most people have far more uniting them than they do dividing them.

I think what I’m saying is, it’s good to discuss, it’s not always easy to do and like this post, many are tl/dr anyway…

I’m sure I had a point when I started.

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This is the tl;dr part, I believe

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What WH said…

All sides of the political spectrum are guilty. Donald is a total ass and has not helped bring the country together, but the left is equally guilty with their spending 4 years just trying to remove trump, instead of doing good things to help a bad situation, and the left cancel culture of “You disagree, therefore you are evil and you must be silenced”.

WHat warps my mind is people that say “i cant be fascist, im liberal/democrat”. Call it what you want, they share all the same behaviours as a fascist. Those who cant see that ANTIFA and BLM are in fact fascists, seem very blind to me.

Proud Boys are not racists, but are also not a positive group.

What’s in a name? that which we call a rose . By any other name would smell as sweet (or rancid in my example)

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IMHO teoti.com was way worse with politics blabber

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I think the answer to all this is just giving one thread to each major political or world related disaster/melt down. It worked pretty well with CV19 on .com, and although we don’t really have sticky threads on T9 we can bookmark, tag and bump them as well as reply to specific people without too much confusion.

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I agree with half of that statement at least :wink:

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  • The more people post the more watered down the rough stuff will be. :smiley:
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What WH said!

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